I’m a person determined to get a whole range of software working just right for me. For right or wrong I have chosen Centos 5 as the platform to do this on. I discovered very early on that most non-core software doesn’t work or if it does it takes some major pain.

Having said that, most other distros seem to have problems as well. I find most of my answers by finding out why Ubuntu or other similar distro has problems. However, I think that persevering with Centos is a sound option as Centos is reported as very well tested and reliable, just not particularly current.

This journal is intended to allow others following me to find out answers to problems quickly. The range of problems solved is based on what I am working on at the time. At the time of this writing I am installing CAD software (qcad) and have been through the process of installing sipXpbx and sipXtapi for a new project.


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