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Install qcad on Centos 5

2007 f 17

I spent some time today looking for CAD packages that work well on Linux.

I’ve used autocad before and it worked O.K. but took some getting used to. I was hoping for something that was similar but not necessarily as powerful – autocad-lite or similar.

After some searching and tossing out many would-be contenders I found that qcad was moderately well regarded – as opposed to almost every other free CAD package which were ‘in development’ or simply abysmal.

Determined to install it on Centos 5 I downloaded the community edition source codes (qcad- . The instructions that came with it were non-existent so I chose a basic approach.

Copy the downloaded file qcad- to /usr/local/src


cd /usr/local/src
tar -xzf qcad-
rm -f qcad-
cd qcad-

after a bit of poking around I found the scripts directory

cd scripts

This didn’t work due to an error

error: ISO C++ does not support ‘long long’

A bit of searching and I discovered a simple fix

cd /usr/local/src/qcad-

then comment out lines 2 and 3 thus

#QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -pedantic

It seems that the -pedantic causes problems handling long long.

Re-running the build script


I get an error

sh: ./ No such file or directory
Building qcad binary failed

More searching and another easy fix

./ notrans

Finally it all built. But it wasn’t integrated with gnome or kde. How to make this happen will be another journal entry. For now start a terminal session

cd /usr/local/src/qcad-

And then the qcad program starts up. On initial inspection it seems to be O.K. with no malformed windows/text or obscure start messages. The real problem is how to use it. I am sure there are tutorials, but there is nothing intuitive in the program – unlike other graphics packages I have used.

More information later when I figure this guy out.